The Lost and Found Solution For Education 

Easily identify, claim and reunite lost and found items back to students.

Stop Storing. Start Reuniting! 

A Dedicated Lost and Found Platform For Education Staff and Students.  

When someone leaves behind or has stolen; keys, ID card, wallet, mobile phone, sunglasses, bicycle, laptop, backpack, all they need to do is flag it as lost or stolen, within Foundrop. When it’s recovered and logged, the owner is instantly notified, and you will know who to return it too.

The fastest way to find stolen and lost property is for it to find itself!

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Foundrop Has a Fix For…


Who thought it was gone. Students and parents can stop assuming it’s gone forever. Just report it as missing in the Foundrop app, and get notified when it’s found.

Who didn’t know where to look. With Foundrop, students have a single app to search for, report and recover lost items. Powerfully Simple, in the palm of your hand.


Who are not sure who the owner is. With Foundrop, students can easily flag missing items so you can quickly match and reunite them with those items.

Who doesn’t have time. Foundrop is an easy to use tool to log, match, and reunite valuables to owners, that free’s up time to help you get it off your shelves.

Become The Campus Hero.

“When it comes to reuniting missing property to ASU students this is the next best thing since sliced bread. Seriously a game changer!” Arizona State University

Be empowered to return valuables to the owners with easeMaking you the hero, your students thrilled, and the parents relieved.

REDUCE Unclaimed Items EVERY Year.


Reduce unclaimed property every year.

Foundrop Key Features 

One Place For All 

Foundrop functions as a singular solution for the university staff, police, and students to report, search, recover, and reclaim all lost and found items. No more having to use Facebook, Twitter, or a hard to maintain website. Foundrop does it all!

Automation & Notification 

The fastest way for students to get their property back - is for that property to find them. When owners flag their missing valuables in the Foundrop app, they’ll receive notifications when you post matching or similar items.

Built on Security

The Foundrop platform is built on advanced cloud services that will allow you to implement quickly, deliver a high level of customer service with low overhead for everyone involved.

Branded Campus Web Page

Foundrop will host a dynamically generated website where all reported missing valuables could be discovered, viewed, and searched by students and staff. This website will be branded to represent your organization. ASU’s Site

Mobile Accessibility

Foundrop works on all mobile and modern browsers. We make it easy for students and parents to quickly inventory property through our iOS, Android, and  a robust web app. Users can be up and running in less than 10 minutes!

Connect & Return With Ease.

Foundrop breaks the disconnect by empowering students to search for missing property from any device, and for you quickly match those items to an owner - reuniting makes everyone happy!


Foundrop integrates with EvidenceOnQ

Foundrop integrates with the EvidenceOnQ evidence management system, the industry leading solution developed by FileOnQ. It provides comprehensive tools for law enforcement agencies to securely and efficiently manage both physical and digital evidence.

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Reduce your overhead and efficiently return lost valuables to the students and staff you serve. 



DEPLOY in minutes with no servers or databases to manage. 

SECURE mobile and web access for students and staff.

AUTOMATE notifications to staff and students for identified lost and found items.



Lost & Found Property using our  

Campus or Institution Select One of Three Plans 



  • Includes Foundrop Essentials
  • Digital Victim Stolen Property Reporting Portal with instant PDF report via email OR seamlessly integrate your RMS using our API.
  • Hit List for  EvidenceOnQ users OR integrate with your current system. 

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  • Includes Foundrop Basic
  • Satisfies public posting compliance for found property.
  • Unlimited users
  • Auto-posting of items from EvidenceOnQ to Foundrop.
  • Campus police officers can match lost and stolen property to victims.



  • Web-based access
  • Upload item images
  • Branded Foundrop page
  • Owner notification & track returns
  • Inventory expiration auto-purge
  • Safe and Secure cloud hosting

$50 per month

(Per Institution)

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Easy as 1-2-3 to find your missing valuables




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  • Search for missing valuables.
  • Report missing valuables.
  • Inventory valuables before they go missing. Private and secure.
  • Access via free mobile app or Foundrop website.
  • No one can see your inventoried property. You control your privacy.


The school doesn't know it's yours and you don't know they have it. Quickly search for your missing item(s), or you can easily add it and report it as lost/stolen, so the appropriate people are notified.


Once your valuables are recovered and are matched to your reported missing items, you will receive an email or call from campus police/security to review and be reunited with your precious valuable(s).

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